lolly allows you to earn for your local knowledge

How it works

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All our users help collect local information and keep it up-to-date. You make this possible, by using the app to add local businesses, products, services and brands. This helps the entire lolly community find the things they want wherever they are – home or away.

Best of all, you are paid for adding info as a thank-you for helping!

We created as the solution to rewarding our community for helping with local knowledge.

The brands and businesses then pay us to reward you. It is quite simple.


lolly provides real customer engagement

But why do brands and businesses pay you through us?

Local knowledge is very useful for brands and businesses.
It helps them answer questions such as:

  • Which products and services are available where?
  • How broad is the offering in an area?
  • How large is local demand?
  • Where is there the demand for new brands?
  • Where is our brand sold?
  • Which are the latest trends?
Earn for adding local
  • business info.
  • brand info.
  • vouchers.
  • photos.
  • videos.
  • translations.
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You might think it odd, but many brands don’t have access to this information. It is expensive and difficult to find out, and the information constantly changes.

Most importantly, brands want to be able to reward their best customers with coupons, exclusives, and special invitations. You love many brands, now they can love you back!