AIRDROP TERMS definition

Fully transferable, non-expiring, unrestricted, and cryptographically secured on the Lolly blockchain and as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. is used, inter alia, in payment transactions and does not represent any investment or ownership in Lolly or its service. is issued to Lolly users for:

– installing the Lolly app

– adding local information

– adding products, services and brands

– recommending Lolly to friends

– recommending Lolly to businesses and brands

– whitelisting

Total of 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) tokens, allocated to:

10% airdrop fund

50% rewards fund

10% onboarding fund

4% founders fund

4% bonus fund

22% coin fund

Any purchase of from the coin fund is subject to successful whitelisting and application by the user and approval by Lolly. Further legal restrictions may apply.

Airdrop distribution

Leading Locally Ltd (“Lolly”) is hereby allocating cryptocurrency to you for being one of the first 10,000,000 (ten million) to register to download the Lolly app and activate your currency (your “Airdrop”).

You understand that the amount of Aidrop you receive and the exchange value of your depend on the number of users registered, the market price, and how early you register.

Airdrop value


Lolly is a registered business name of Leading Locally Ltd in the Isle of Man pursuant to the Registration of Business Names Act 1918 under number 027124B.

Lolly is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the Isle of Man for cryptocurrency issuance and marketplace operation under the Designated Business (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015.

Lolly complies with Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) legislation.

Airdrop whitelisting deadline

Once stage 4 is complete, users wishing to retain their airdrop need to whitelist their account within 180 days

  • Stage 1 users within 90 days

  • Stage 2 within 120 days

  • Stage 3 within 150 days

  • Stage 4 within 180 days

Returned airdrop is used for prize draws to whitelisted users.

Airdrop sweepstakes

Risk factors

We provide a summary of risk factors. Due to the limited history of pre-sale of service tokens through cryptocurrency, we cannot anticipate all risks to our operations.

Inherent risk of cryptocurrency

  • The spot market price of cryptocurrency and tokens changes, often drastically. Therefore, the value of is subject to market volatility.

Government regulation of the Internet is evolving, and unfavourable developments could have an adverse effect on our operating results

  • We are subject to regulations and laws specific to the marketing, sale and delivery of goods and services over the Internet.

  • These laws and regulations, which continue to evolve, cover taxation, user privacy, data collection and protection, copyrights, electronic contracts, sales procedures, automatic subscription renewals, credit card processing procedures, consumer protections, digital games distribution, broadband Internet access and content restrictions.

  • We cannot guarantee that we have been or will be fully compliant in every jurisdiction, as it is not entirely clear how existing laws and regulations governing issues such as privacy, taxation and consumer protection apply or will be enforced with respect to the products and services we sell through the Internet.

  • Moreover, as Internet commerce continues to evolve, increasing regulation and/or enforcement efforts by federal, state and foreign agencies and the prospects for private litigation claims related to our data collection, privacy policies or other e-commerce practices become more likely.

  • In addition, the adoption of any laws or regulations or the imposition of other legal requirements that adversely affect our ability to market, sell, and deliver our products and services could decrease our ability to offer or customer demand for our service offerings, resulting in lower revenue.

  • When we act as a consumer-facing business, we may receive complaints from our customers regarding our consumer marketing efforts and our customer service practices.

  • Some of these customers may also complain to government agencies, and from time to time, those agencies may make inquiries to us about these practices. In addition, we may receive complaints or inquiries directly from governmental agencies that have not been prompted by consumers.

We rely on other technologies and vendors

  • Our system for and our blockchain rely on third party technology.

  • Our system will be adversely affected in the event that other technologies fail.

  • We rely on third party facilities, particularly Google Cloud. A failure by Google’s infrastructure will cause disruption of unknown length and unknown severity.

  • Future regulations, or changes in laws and regulations or their existing interpretations or applications, could also require us to change our business practices, raise compliance costs or other costs of doing business and result in additional historical or future liabilities for us, resulting in adverse impacts on our business.


Lolly reserves the right to amend these terms of use.

These terms of use are to be understood in conjunction with the various terms of use, policies and rules set out on and in the Lolly whitepaper.